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* Add some more uri'sMark Loeser2006-03-092-3/+3
* Add uri's where we can right nowMark Loeser2006-03-053-12/+23
* Complete src_unpack.Tim Yamin2006-03-0318-53/+901
* Change -- to <d/> where appropriate. Finish up the autotools docMark Loeser2006-02-275-8/+8
* More goodies; change syntax highlighting mode within quotes for ebuilds.Tim Yamin2006-02-228-0/+1122
* Add "General Concepts"::"Licenses"; change <include> behaviour to *not* have ...Tim Yamin2006-02-203-3/+3
* Initial commit :)Tim Yamin2006-02-204-0/+55