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* Update git repository URIManuel Rüger2015-08-261-1/+1
* Gentoo is doing https for everythin nowJustin Lecher2015-08-213-4/+4
* Replace cvs to rsync with git to rsyncJohannes Huber2015-08-184-10/+10
* Consistent EAPI declarationJohannes Huber2015-08-172-5/+5
* Update ebuild naming rules from PMS.Ulrich Müller2015-05-151-1/+1
* Add item about allowed characters in filenames.Ulrich Müller2015-05-071-0/+1
* Merge remarks about revision bumps from Developer Handbook.Ulrich Müller2015-05-031-0/+4
* Clarify that PDEPEND may be installed after the package in some cases.Ulrich Müller2014-11-151-4/+6
* Document use dependency defaults on this section of the devmanualAnthony Ryan2014-10-181-3/+16
* Merge pull request #16 from mrueg/masterMarkos Chandras2014-07-231-0/+1
| * Add a verification step for the signatureManuel Rüger2014-03-161-0/+1
* | Fix anchor link to eapiManuel Rüger2014-04-041-1/+1
* | update GLEP links to new wiki locationMarkus Meier2014-03-313-4/+4
* Use eauto* functions instead of plain tools in exampleJustin Lecher2014-01-211-7/+10
* PIC: Improve documentationMarkos Chandras2014-01-051-3/+5
* Merge pull request #10 from mrueg/masterMarkos Chandras2013-09-261-1/+1
| * Destabilizes architectures to be consistent with the treeManuel Rüger2013-09-261-1/+1
* | Update an old suggestion in the Autotools Basics guide.Michael Orlitzky2013-09-071-4/+14
* | Add reference to the mirror page from the patch pageJohann Schmitz2013-08-171-1/+3
* | add info to slot deps wrt #407597hasufell2013-07-291-0/+9
* | add info about hardblockers wrt #407597hasufell2013-07-291-2/+14
* slotting: Add sub-slots carefully to avoid useless rebuildsMarkos Chandras2013-05-121-0/+9
* fix typoNicolas Kaiser2013-05-101-1/+1
* eapi: Improve sub-slot and slot operator documentation, bug #446740Alexandre Rostovtsev2013-01-192-6/+92
* Manifest: Merge the "signing manifest" guide from the devrel handbookMarkos Chandras2012-11-111-0/+57
* Fix bug #390949. Manifest file no longer uses MD5 digest.Chema Alonso2012-11-061-4/+3
* licenses: s/glep42/glep23/Markos Chandras2012-10-271-1/+1
* licenses: Add note about the licenses@gentoo.org e-mail aliasMarkos Chandras2012-10-271-4/+4
* licenses: Add note about license groups and glep42Markos Chandras2012-10-271-0/+3
* Note that license file must be UTF-8 encoded.Ulrich Müller2012-10-091-3/+3
* Rewrite ebuild variables section.Ulrich Müller2012-10-091-9/+2
* Fix typo: make.default -> make.defaults (#410835)Torsten Veller2012-04-051-1/+1
* Update section on news items.Ulrich Müller2012-03-171-3/+3
* Document the process to add news item thanks to Mike PaganoMarkos Chandras2011-09-172-0/+40
* Deprecate old-style virtuals.Ulrich Mueller2011-05-032-77/+22
* EAPI 4: Describe REQUIRED_USE, bug 353624.Ulrich Mueller2011-03-301-0/+23
* Improve wording about REDPENDJeremy Olexa2011-02-171-4/+4
* Bug 284246: refers to old "default-linux" profilesJeremy Olexa2011-02-031-2/+2
* Update policy regarding files' hosting.Diego Elio Pettenò2011-01-201-2/+14
* Update shlomifish autotools url.Markos Chandras2011-01-161-1/+1
* Add a section on updating distfiles on mirrorsThomas Kahle2010-12-011-0/+25
* dependencies: Fix typo wrt Legacy SyntaxJeremy Olexa2010-09-291-1/+1
* use-flags: Add note about USE flags for rdeps that don't change the packageJeremy Olexa2010-08-041-0/+8
* use-flags: Add note that one must not manually edit use.local.descJeremy Olexa2010-07-151-0/+2
* use-flags: Add link to GLEP 56Jeremy Olexa2010-07-151-1/+3
* use-flags: reformat source for readabiltyJeremy Olexa2010-07-151-16/+18
* use-flags: Add category for msmtpJeremy Olexa2010-07-151-6/+7
* use-flags: Fix desciption of metadata.xml locationJeremy Olexa2010-07-151-12/+14
* use-flags: Remove ambiguous 'thing' description.Jeremy Olexa2010-07-151-9/+12
* use-flags: Reformat source for easier readabilityJeremy Olexa2010-07-151-25/+27