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+This patch adds support for the -t option to the 'read' command in ash. It's
+used for prompting for the keymap. It originated with 1.1.3+gentoo or earlier.
+This adds a minimal mdadm implementation to busybox for scanning for and
+activating mdraid arrays. You can blame robbat2 for this one :)
+This adds a 'mdstart' command to busybox, which is used for the activation of
+individual mdraid arrays. It originated with 1.1.3+gentoo or earlier.
+It is unknown what problem this patch fixes. It may no longer be needed.
+This allows us to build busybox statically, even though upstream frowns upon it.
+It's important that the removal of -Wl,--gc-sections remains, or ash will be
+broken in the resulting busybox. This patch is based on the busybox ebuild.
+It is unknown what this patch does. It may no longer be needed.