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Initial py2man pkg for auto-generating our man pages
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+#-*- coding:utf-8 -*-
+from collections import OrderedDict
+LONG_OPTIONS = OrderedDict({
+ 'help': '''.IP "-h, --help"
+show this help message and exit''',
+ 'status': '''.IP "-A, --status"
+Toggles the active status of a member for LDAP searches''',
+ 'all': '''.IP "-a, --all"
+Toggles matching all input arguments for searches''',
+ 'category': '''.IP "-C \\fICATEGORY\\fR, --category \\fICATEGORY"
+The category name of the seed file being added to.
+This name must be listed in the gkeys.conf file's
+[seeds], [seedurls] and [verify-seeds] sections''',
+ 'cleankey': '''.IP " --clean-key"
+Clean the key from the keyring due to failures.''',
+ 'cleanseed': '''.IP " --clean-seed"
+Clean the seed from the seedfile due to failures.
+Used during binary keyring release creation.''',
+ 'config': '''.IP "-c \\fICONFIG\\fR, --config \\fICONFIG\\fR"
+The path to an alternate config file''',
+The logging level to set for the logfile''',
+ 'dest': '''.IP "-d \\fIDESTINATION\\fR, --dest \\fIDESTINATION"
+The category name of the seed file being added to.''',
+ 'exact': '''.IP "-e, --exact"
+Use CASE matching in searches''',
+ 'file': '''.IP "-F \\fIFILENAME\\fR, --file \\fIFILENAME"
+The path/URL to use for the (signed) file''',
+ '1file': '''.IP "-F \\fIFILENAME\\fR, --file \\fIFILENAME"
+The path/URL to use for the (signed) file''',
+ 'fingerprint': '''.IP "-f \\fIFINGERPRINT\\fR, --fingerprint \\fIFINGERPRINT"
+The fingerprint(s) of the the key(s) or subkey(s)''',
+ 'gpgsearch': '''.IP "-g, --gpgsearch"
+Do a gpg search operation, rather than a gkey search''',
+ 'homedir': '''.IP "-H \\fIHOMEDIR\\fR, --file \\fIHOMEDIR"
+The destination for the generated key''',
+ 'keyid': '''.IP "-i \\fIKEYID\\fR, --keyid \\fIKEYID"
+The long keyid of the gpg key to search for''',
+ 'keyring': '''.IP "-k \\fIKEYRING\\fR, --keyring \\fIKEYRING"
+The name of the keyring to use for verification, etc.''',
+ 'keys': '''.IP "-K \\fIKEYS\\fR, --keys \\fIKEYS"
+The fingerprint(s) of the primary keys in the keyring.''',
+ 'mail': '''.IP "-m \\fIEMAIL\\fR, --mail \\fIEMAIL"
+The email address to search for or use.''',
+ 'nick': '''.IP "-n \\fINICK\\fR, --nick \\fINICK"
+The nick of the user whose gkey seed is being added''',
+ 'name': '''.IP "-N \\fINAME\\fR, --name \\fINAME"
+The name of the user whose gkey seed is being added''',
+ 'keydir': '''.IP "-r \\fIKEYDIR\\fR, --keydir \\fIKEYDIR"
+The key directory the key is to be installed to''',
+ 'signature': '''.IP "-s \\fISIGNATURE\\fR, --signature \\fISIGNATURE"
+The path/URL to use for the signature.''',
+ 'spec': '''.IP "-S \\fISPEC\\fR, --psec \\fISPEC"
+The spec file to use from the gkeys-gen.conf file.''',
+ 'timestamp': '''.IP "-t, --timestamp"
+Turn on timestamp use.''',
+ 'uid': '''.IP "-u \\fIUID\\fR, --uid \\fIUID"
+The user id(s) (and email) of the key(s) being added (optional)''',
+SHORT_OPTS = OrderedDict({
+ 'help': '[\\fB\\-h\\fR]',
+ 'status': '[\\fB\\-A\\fR]',
+ 'all': '[\\fB\\-a\\fR]',
+ 'category': '[\\fB\\-C\\fR \\fICATEGORY\\fR]',
+ 'cleankey': '[\\fB\\-\\-cleankey\\fR]',
+ 'cleanseed': '[\\fB\\-\\-cleanseed\\fR]',
+ 'dest': '[\\fB\\-d\\fR \\fIDESTINATION\\fR]',
+ 'exact': '[\\fB\\-e\\fR]',
+ 'file': '[\\fB\\-F\\fR \\fIFILENAME\\fR]',
+ '1file': '[\\fB\\-F\\fR \\fIFILENAME\\fR]',
+ 'fingerprint': '[\\fB\\-f\\fR \\fIFINGERPRINT\\fR [\\fIFINGERPRINT\\fR ...]]',
+ 'gpgsearch': '[\\fB\\-g\\fR]',
+ 'homedir': '[\\fB\\-H\\fR \\fIHOMEDIR\\fR]',
+ 'keyid': '[\\fB\\-i\\fR \\fIKEYID\\fR [\\fIKEYID\\fR ...]]',
+ 'keyring': '[\\fB\\-k\\fR \\fIKEYRING\\fR]',
+ 'keys': '[\\fB\\-K\\fR [\\fIKEYS\\fR [\\fIKEYS\\fR ...]]]',
+ 'mail': '[\\fB\\-m\\fR \\fIEMAIL\\fR]',
+ 'nick': '[\\fB\\-n\\fR \\fINICK\\fR]',
+ 'name': '[\\fB\\-N\\fR [\\fINAME\\fR [\\fINAME\\fR ...]]]',
+ '1name': '[\\fB\\-N\\fR \\fINAME\\fR]',
+ 'keydir': '[\\fB\\-r\\fR \\fIKEYDIR\\fR]',
+ 'signature': '[\\fB\\-s\\fR \\fISIGNATURE\\fR]',
+ 'spec': '[\\fB\\-S\\fR \\fISPEC\\fR]',
+ 'timestamp': '[\\fB\\-t\\fR]',
+ 'uid': '[\\fB\\-u\\fR [\\fIUID\\fR [\\fIUID\\fR ...]]]',