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* Move the 3 pkgs into their own *-pkg dirBrian Dolbec2014-12-224-208/+0
* gkeyldap: Initial commit of an update-seeds script and configBrian Dolbec2014-10-161-0/+55
* gkeys: Make the cli and Actions return True/Flase successBrian Dolbec2014-10-161-1/+4
* remove try/except since it's unnecessaryPavlos Ratis2014-10-023-18/+14
* add gkey-gen implementation (GLEP 63 openPGP key generator)Pavlos Ratis2014-07-301-0/+52
* Rename bin/ldap-seeds to bin/gkey-ldap.Brian Dolbec2013-11-171-0/+0
* Initial commit of an ldap search and seed file creation tool.Brian Dolbec2013-06-221-0/+51
* chmod +x gkeysBrian Dolbec2012-12-091-0/+0
* rename to gkeys namespace, '-' in names is not allowed.Brian Dolbec2012-12-091-1/+1
* Initial stubbing out of a gentoo-keys gkey manager cli app, lib and config.Brian Dolbec2012-12-021-0/+51