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* etc/gkeys.conf: Set a normal default log directoryBrian Dolbec2015-01-011-1/+2
* gkeys: update gkeys.confBrian Dolbec2015-01-011-16/+32
* gkeys: Update fetchseed, verify actions to work with the new category systemBrian Dolbec2014-12-252-4/+40
* gkeys: Update configs with name/permissions changesBrian Dolbec2014-12-252-6/+6
* gkeys: Copy sample conf to gkeys.confBrian Dolbec2014-12-242-2/+86
| | | | | We must install gkeys to be runnable without the need to create a conf. This is a basic working config. I also renamed the gentoodevs category to gentoo-devs.
* gkeys/etc/gkeys.conf.sample: Update for new category/seedfile handlingBrian Dolbec2014-12-231-23/+10
* Move the 3 pkgs into their own *-pkg dirBrian Dolbec2014-12-221-0/+97
This makes releasing each pkg independently easier. testpath: Update paths for the new directory structure