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* gentoo-local-generator: Exit with status 0 if /etc/local.d is missingMike Gilbert2014-06-161-1/+1
* Use right filenames for .stop scripts in local-generatorJohannes Frohn2014-02-191-2/+2
* Use 'echo' instead of 'cat <<_EOF_'. Thanks to pacho and grawity.Michał Górny2013-09-111-4/+2
* Fix issue with non-existing files in local-generator.Michał Górny2013-09-081-0/+3
* Add a design note on using 'env'.Michał Górny2013-08-011-0/+5
* Switch local.d support to a generator.Michał Górny2013-08-011-0/+53