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+The SVN module 'gentoolkit' contains all the scripts and stuff for both the
+gentoolkit and the gentoolkit-dev package. The gentoolkit-dev package is
+an optional add-on, that is only intented for the Gentoo developers.
+If you're touching any of the python scripts please don't change the indentation
+style (if it's using tabs, you should use tabs too). Especially don't mix
+spaces and tabs as that makes the code completely unreadable.
+Releases should only be made by members of the tools-portage team. See
+for who to contact on IRC, or shuffle over a bug report to us, or send
+us a mail at tools-portage@gentoo.org if you need an immediate release.
+The release manager (big words;) will then do
+1) make VERSION=major.minor.patch RELEASE_TAG=<optional> dist-gentoolkit
+2) copy release/gentoolkit-${VERSION}-${RELEASE_TAG}.tar.gz to
+ dev.gentoo.org/space/distfiles-local/
+3) make a new ebuild, app-portage/gentoolkit/gentoolkit-${VERSION}.ebuild
+ with a SRC_URI that points to
+ mirror://gentoo/gentoolkit-${VERSION}-${RELEASE_TAG}.tar.gz
+ (just use one of the previous ebuilds)
+The process is similar for gentoolkit-dev:
+1) make dist-gentoolkit-dev
+2) copy dist/gentoolkit-dev-${VERSION}-${RELEASE_TAG}.tar.gz to emu
+3) update app-portage/gentoolkit-dev
+1) _ALWAYS_ make sure you don't "overwrite" a previous release. Your
+ new VERSION must be newer than any previous released version. If you
+ mess up a release, don't overwrite with the same release number, iterate
+ the patch version and try again (and again, and again until you get
+ it right;)
+If you have added your system details at the top of the release.sh script,
+you can make a release in the following fashion:
+(NOTE! This only works for -dev at the moment)
+1) Add a notice in the ChangeLog about the release you are making.
+2) Do VERSION="x.y.z" ./release.sh dev
+3) Test the package: ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~arch" emerge gentoolkit-dev
+4) Do a repoman ci -m "Released x.y.z" in your
+ CVS/app-portage/gentoolkit-dev directory.
+Currently, the following people have "release access":
+ - genone@gentoo.org
+ - fuzzyray@gentoo.org
+If you want a new release, ping either of us. If you want to get
+"release access", talk to fuzzyray@gentoo.org