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+Gentoo Developers have full priviledges to the gentoolkit repository and
+any Gentoo developer can do work on the gentoolkit source.
+We only have several requirements. If you want to do a major change (i.e
+rewrite/refactor something), please talk to us before pushing any
+commits. If you break something, please fix it.
+If you want a new release of gentoolkit or gentoolkit-dev, please coordinate
+it with fuzzyray (gentoolkit) or idl0r (gentoolkit-dev).
+Any non Gentoo developers who wish to contribute, the best way to get
+started is by pulling a copy of the repository and submitting patches to
+bugzilla. Additionally, we can be found in the #gentoo-portage IRC
Adding or modifying code:
- If you add new code, best practice is to write a test for it.