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@@ -17,23 +17,17 @@ Note: We are using VERSION="0.3.0" simply as an example.
- Run Gentoolkit's test suite, make sure it passes:
Note: requires dev-python/snakeoil
-Note: If running from the gentoolkit repository, please grab the eclean test file from:
-Please do not add/commit the test file to the gentoolkit repository
./setup.py test
-- Create a tag for the release
-svn copy svn+ssh://<dev>@svn.gentoo.org/var/svnroot/gentoolkit/trunk/gentoolkit \
- svn+ssh://<dev>@svn.gentoo.org/var/svnroot/gentoolkit/tags/gentoolkit-0.3.0 \
- -m "Tagging the <VERSION> release of gentoolkit."
-svn update to pull the tag from subversion
-cd to the local tags/gentoolkit-0.3.0 directory
- Create a source distribution (you need to add VERSION here):
VERSION="0.3.0" ./setup.py sdist
Transfer dist/gentoolkit-0.3.0.tar.gz to dev.gentoo.org:/space/distfiles-local
- Clean up temporary files:
./setup.py clean -a
+git status
+rm or mv any untracked files/directories
+- Create a tag for the release
+git tag gentoolkit-0.3.0
+git push origin gentoolkit-0.3.0