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Rearrange trunk to support gentoolkit version 0.3. Split into gentoolkit, gentoolkit-dev, and deprecated. Import djanderson's work on the gentoolkit library and equery
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+Package: gentoolkit/gentoolkit-dev
+Authors: Aron Griffis <agriffis@gentoo.org>
+ Brandon Low <lostlogic@gentoo.org>
+ Ian Leitch <port001@gentoo.org>
+ Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@gentoo.org>
+ Marius Mauch <genone@gentoo.org>
+ Paul Varner <fuzzyray@gentoo.org>
+ See src/<tool>/AUTHORS for tool-specific authors
+The gentoolkit and gentoolkit-dev packages contain a collection of useful
+administration scripts particular to the Gentoo Linux distribution. It contains
+rough drafts and implementations of features that may in time make it into
+Portage, or into full-fledged tools in their own right.
+The gentoolkit-dev package is intended primarily for Gentoo developers.
+eclean - tool to clean up outdated distfiles and packages
+equery - replacement for etcat and qpkg
+etcat - extracts auxillary information from portage (deprecated)
+euse - tool to manage USE flags
+glsa-check - tool to manage GLSA's (Gentoo Linux Security Advisory)
+qpkg - convient package query tool (deprecated)
+revdep-rebuild - scans/fixes broken shared libs and binaries
+ebump - Ebuild revision bumper
+echangelog - update portage ChangeLogs
+ego -
+ekeyword - modify package KEYWORDS
+epkgmove - tool for moving and renaming packages in CVS
+eviewcvs - generate viewcvs URLs
+gensync - Overlay Sync Tool
+Any suggestions for improvements should be sent to tools-portage@gentoo.org, or
+added as a bug assigned to us.
+We only accept new contributions if they are written in bash or python.