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+Adding or modifying code:
+- If you add new code, best practice is to write a test for it.
+- If you're modifying code that doesn't have a test and you can write a test
+ for it, please do.
+- Before committing your changes to a python file, please make sure it passes
+ pylint with:
+pylint --rcfile=pylintrc yourfile.py
+- If pylint raises a warning or error that you don't agree with, it's probably
+ better to just change your code. If you're sure you have a good reason for
+ doing what you're doing, you can add an exception to our pylintrc.
+Creating a release:
+- Run Gentoolkit's test suite, make sure it passes:
+./setup.py test
+- Create a tag for the release
+- Set the version of the release:
+VERSION="0.3.0" ./setup set_version
+- Create a source distribution (you need to add VERSION here, too):
+VERSION="0.3.0" ./setup.py sdist
+- Reset svn version to 'svn' (default):
+./setup.py set_version
+- Clean up temporary files:
+./setup clean -a