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+ebump - Ebuild revision bumper
eclean - tool to clean up outdated distfiles and packages
+ekeyword - modify package KEYWORDS
+enalyze - Analyze all installed pkgs or rebuild package.* files
+epkginfo - wrapper to equery: Display metadata about a given package.
equery - replacement for etcat and qpkg
-etcat - extracts auxillary information from portage (deprecated)
+eread - script to read portage log items from einfo, ewarn etc.
+eshowkw - Display keywords for specified package(s)
euse - tool to manage USE flags
glsa-check - tool to manage GLSA's (Gentoo Linux Security Advisory)
+imlate - Displays candidates for keywords for an architecture...
qpkg - convient package query tool (deprecated)
revdep-rebuild - scans/fixes broken shared libs and binaries
-ebump - Ebuild revision bumper
-echangelog - update portage ChangeLogs
-ego -
-ekeyword - modify package KEYWORDS
-epkgmove - tool for moving and renaming packages in CVS
-eviewcvs - generate viewcvs URLs
-gensync - Overlay Sync Tool