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+Package: Lintool
+Version: 0.1.3
+Author : Karl Trygve Kalleberg <karltk@gentoo.org>
+Lintool is a "lint" utility for the Gentoo Linux distribution. It is a
+tool that tests ebuilds, changelogs and package digests for
+well-formedness. It's intended to aid Gentoo Linux developers avoid most
+common mistakes when packaging software for Gentoo.
+To check an ebuild, do lintool --ebuild <path-to-ebuild>
+To check a ChangeLog, do lintool --changelog <path-to-changelog>
+To check a package digest, do lintoo --digest <path-to-digest>
+Any suggestions for improvements should be sent to karltk@gentoo.org, or
+added as a bug assigned to me.