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+# Default revdep-rebuild configuration file
+# revdep-rebuild no longer uses hardcoded paths. To change the default
+# behavior the following variables can be changed:
+# LD_LIBRARY_MASK - Mask of specially evaluated libraries
+# SEARCH_DIRS - List of directories to search for executables and libraries
+# Use this for directories that are not included in PATH or ld.so.conf.
+# An application should normally not have to set this variable
+# SEARCH_DIRS_MASK - List of directories to not search
+# Use this for directories that should not be searched by revdep-rebuild
+# This is normally used by binary packages such as openoffice-bin
+# Note: This file is sourced using bash by the revdep-rebuild script
+LD_LIBRARY_MASK="libodbcinst.so libodbc.so libjava.so libjvm.so"
+SEARCH_DIRS="/bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /lib* /usr/lib*"