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@@ -91,6 +91,43 @@ To rebuild packages that depend upon libImlib.so and libImlib2.so:
\fBrevdep\-rebuild \-\-library libImlib[2]*.so.*\fR
+revdep\-rebuild keeps several pseudo-temporary files in /var/cache/revdep\-rebuild/. Deleting these files can improve accuracy at the cost of speed:
+.TP 15
+.I 0_env.rr
+Contains environment variables
+.I 1_files.rr
+Contains a list of files to search
+.I 2_ldpath.rr
+Contains the LDPATH
+.I 3_broken.rr
+Contains the list of broken files
+.I 3_errors.rr
+Contains the ldd error output
+.I 4_raw.rr
+Contains the raw list of packages
+.I 4_owners.rr
+Contains the file owners
+.I 4_pkgs.rr
+Contains the unsorted bare package names
+.I 4_ebuilds.rr
+Contains the unsorted atoms
+.I 5_order.rr
+Contains the sorted atoms
+.I 6_status.rr
+Contains the ldd error output
revdep\-rebuild returns a zero exit status if it \fBand emerge\fR succeeds, and a nonzero exit status otherwise.