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* Updated Changelog. Cleanup README, TODO.gentoolkit-dev-
* Add support for bzr. Cleanup. Removed git related if statement in check for u...idl0r2009-06-031-35/+84
* Fixed bug 271322, thanks to Justin Lecher (jlec) <jlec@j-schmitz.net>.idl0r2009-05-261-0/+4
* Fix keywording if the KEYWORDS line starts with whitespace, thanks to Markus ...idl0r2009-05-151-1/+1
* Fix regex, bug 269557, thanks to Samuli Suominen <ssuominen@gentoo.org>.idl0r2009-05-121-9/+9
* Ignore .git dir when running echangelog in the repository root, fixes bug 199...idl0r2009-05-091-28/+23
* Update category/package when creating the initial ChangeLog, thanks to Serkan...idl0r2009-05-091-23/+28
* Add hg/mercurial support.idl0r2009-05-071-1/+16
* Re-add files (git) if the copyright has been updated, thanks to Justin Lecher...idl0r2009-05-072-0/+10
* Typo fixed.idl0r2009-05-062-2/+2
* Don't remove test dir.idl0r2009-05-061-2/+0
* ChangeLog updated.idl0r2009-05-061-0/+14
* Add man page to dist targetfuzzyray2009-05-061-1/+1
* Fix typo in Makefilefuzzyray2009-05-061-1/+1
* Add man page for imlatefuzzyray2009-05-062-0/+43
* Improved die message, bug 257853 thanks to Jeremy Olexa.idl0r2009-05-061-1/+4
* Add imlate to main Makefile and change dist and install targets to call dist-...fuzzyray2009-05-061-8/+4
* Added support for svn/git, bug 256398.idl0r2009-05-062-77/+102
* Add imlate.idl0r2009-05-062-0/+365
* Remove gensync from Makefilefuzzyray2009-05-051-1/+1
* Move makedefs.mak to gentoolkit-devfuzzyray2009-05-051-0/+20
* \ Move release.sh to gentoolkit-dev, since gentoolkit is migrating to python se...fuzzyray2009-05-051-0/+89
|\ \ | |/
* | Move files to gentoolkit-devfuzzyray2009-05-057-30/+497
|\ \ | |/
| * Remove unneeded 99gentoolkit-devfuzzyray2009-05-051-1/+0
| * Rearrange trunk to support gentoolkit version 0.3. Split into gentoolkit, ge...fuzzyray2009-05-05213-21193/+0
* | Rearrange trunk to support gentoolkit version 0.3. Split into gentoolkit, ge...fuzzyray2009-05-05222-18382/+0
* Add some useful informations when using $EDITOR.idl0r2009-05-051-3/+43
* Added test targets for echangelog.idl0r2009-05-052-1/+7
* Warn if $vcs has not been found. Minor cleanup.idl0r2009-05-051-26/+12
* Remove genpkgindex and gensync from distributionfuzzyray2009-05-051-3/+3
* Remove echangelog.pod, we will maintain the man page directlyfuzzyray2009-05-051-136/+0
* Add test subdirectory to echanglogfuzzyray2009-05-051-7/+4
* Add patch from kojiro to clean binary package metadata (Bug #266996 and to cl...fuzzyray2009-05-051-12/+43
* Add patch from kojiro to support keyword removal and allfuzzyray2009-05-051-12/+28
* Fixed bug 256013 and bug 256103, thanks to William Arlofski, Michael A. Smith...idl0r2009-05-043-10/+10
* Fixed keyword sorting.idl0r2009-05-041-2/+6
* Respect profiles/arch.list.idl0r2009-05-041-19/+2
* Whitespace.idl0r2009-05-021-19/+19
* Fixed text_fill, \h is just available in perl >= 5.10 so use hex instead, tha...idl0r2009-05-021-2/+1
* Don't eat newline, bug 264146.idl0r2009-05-011-2/+24
* Removed duplicate sort call.idl0r2009-05-011-2/+0
* Define a action if no files have been changed, thanks to grobian. That should...idl0r2009-05-011-1/+6
* Fixed stty call.idl0r2009-05-011-1/+1
* Respect $PATH while looking for git, thanks to grobian.idl0r2009-05-011-4/+10
* Add GLEP 53 keywords sorting patch from prefixfuzzyray2009-05-011-0/+4
* Fix typo in Makefilefuzzyray2009-05-013-7/+13
* Add ekeyword rewritten in python to repofuzzyray2009-05-011-0/+93
* Add patch from kojiro to improve bash syntaxfuzzyray2009-05-011-1/+1
* Added support for project-wide variables as suggested in bug 213374. Improved...idl0r2009-04-301-8/+34
* Fixed git detection.idl0r2009-04-301-4/+9