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* glsa-check: Apply list only affected versions patch from bug 400763Paul Varner2016-06-061-4/+8
* euse: Fix 'grep: Unmatched ( or \(' errors with euse -iPaul Varner2015-06-021-1/+1
* euse: Fix PORTDIR deprecation message. Bug 505160Paul Varner2015-04-231-61/+16
* Fix eread to only display elog files. (Bug 534686)Paul Varner2015-01-231-3/+3
* revdep-rebuild.sh: Look for issues with symbols. (Bug 63643)Paul Varner2014-11-111-2/+36
* Fix gawk warning escape sequence \. treated as plain. Bug 526400Paul Varner2014-10-241-1/+1
* Update revdep-rebuild.sh to use new path for functions.sh. (Bug 373219)Paul Varner2014-03-061-1/+10
* revdep_rebuild: Remove bin/revdep-ng accidently merged in.Brian Dolbec2014-02-121-51/+0
* Merged revdep-rebuild branchslis2014-01-211-0/+51
| * new /bin/revdep-ng script. revamp rebuild.py for a better api.dol-sen2011-04-241-0/+51
* | Handle numbers in package namesVikraman Choudhury2013-11-211-1/+1
* | revdep-rebuild.sh: Change la_SEARCH_DIRS to use the library paths fromPaul Varner2013-11-191-1/+1
* | euse: use portageq for get_portdir function unconditionally.Paul Varner2013-11-051-15/+3
* | Add fallback to using portageq for get_portdir function.Paul Varner2013-09-101-0/+8
* | Fix Ctrl-C handling when running emerge (Bug 476740).Paul Varner2013-09-101-1/+2
* | Fix use of REVDEP_REBUILD_DEFAULT_OPTS (Bug 484340).Paul Varner2013-09-101-5/+2
* | Copy eclean to exlean-dist and eclean-pkg.Paul Varner2013-09-042-0/+98
* | Convert EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS to an array (Bug 482232).Paul Varner2013-08-291-5/+7
* | euse: fix looking up portage-2 style parent paths with empty repo nameMichael Marineau2013-07-081-4/+7
* | Change behavior and name of REVDEP_DEFAULT_OPTS variable.Paul Varner2013-01-171-10/+11
* | Add REVDEP_DEFAULT_OPTS variable to allow overriding of EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS f...Paul Varner2013-01-141-1/+11
* | update 'svn' versions to 'git', not man pages with already set versions. Brian Dolbec2012-12-224-4/+4
* | drop trailing whitespaceMike Frysinger2012-12-191-61/+61
* | Fix euse to always prefer /etc/portage/make.conf over /etc/make.conf. Bug 434672Paul Varner2012-09-261-5/+3
* | Add support for the md5-cache metadata format. (Bug 422675)Paul Varner2012-06-201-6/+18
* | Add support for ':' in the profiles parent file for bug 414961.Paul Varner2012-06-201-1/+26
* | Change sed statement in euse to fix bug 410365.Paul Varner2012-05-161-1/+1
* | Extend eread to allow sorting (bug 413577).SÅ‚awomir Nizio2012-04-251-2/+33
* | Fix eread to work on a prefix environment.gentoolkit- Varner2012-04-111-2/+5
* | Remove incorrect usage of -r flage for egrep (Bug 410137).Paul Varner2012-04-111-1/+1
* | equery: turn sys.argv into a parameterMike Frysinger2012-04-041-1/+1
* | Add patch from Vitaly Shimansky to fix regex in modify_packages()Paul Varner2012-03-191-1/+1
* | Apply patch from Jared Hancock to disable globbing.Paul Varner2012-03-051-6/+5
* | Update the comment for setting the overlay name.gentoolkit- Varner2012-02-201-1/+1
* | Change overlay name to match portage when repo_name is not found.Paul Varner2012-02-201-1/+1
* | Fix euse -i to not print errors from 'cat' when determining the repository namePaul Varner2012-02-201-1/+1
* | Fix revdep-rebuild.sh to properly honor emerge return codes.Paul Varner2012-02-161-34/+36
* | Change the documentation for revdep-rebuild --library.Paul Varner2012-02-061-3/+3
* | Fix typo in eusePaul Varner2011-11-281-1/+1
* | Fix revdep-rebuiild to exit correctly with correct error code when emergePaul Varner2011-10-121-2/+3
* | Add missing quotesChristian Ruppert2011-09-071-4/+4
* | Fix traversal of cascading profiles by euse (Bug 379559).Paul Varner2011-08-241-2/+2
* | Fix missing parenthises in euse. Bug 376393Paul Varner2011-07-271-1/+1
* | merge head, fix conflicts, more pylint cleanupdol-sen2011-07-132-5/+4
* | Switch revdep-rebuild to python version.Paul Varner2011-07-123-1245/+1245
* | new /bin/revdep-ng script. revamp rebuild.py for a better api.dol-sen2011-07-121-0/+51
* | Merge branch 'gentoolkit' of git+ssh://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/gentoolkit in...Christian Ruppert2011-05-283-68/+87
|\ \
| * | Change revdep-rebuild to no longer determine the build order. Insteadgentoolkit- Varner2011-05-241-12/+22
| * | Fix revdep-rebuild to use the ORDER_FILE for the final emerge command. Bug 36...Paul Varner2011-05-231-2/+2
| * | Merge branch 'gentoolkit' of git+ssh://git.overlays.gentoo.org/proj/gentoolki...Paul Varner2011-05-111-3/+3
| |\ \