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* add example PRE_GIT code for blocking access (IP-check)Sitaram Chamarty2017-06-101-0/+43
* new 'skip_block' sugar, and 'testconf' feature using itSitaram Chamarty2017-04-151-0/+119
* ukm: use new ssh fingerprint functions.Robin H. Johnson2016-01-191-4/+4
* Add script to pull and sanitize Active Directory user groupsJonathan Gray2015-10-091-0/+40
* Add documentation for using Active Directory authentication via ApacheJonathan Gray2015-10-091-0/+47
* contrib: redmine user aliasgitolite tester2015-06-061-0/+55
* fixups to the "save-push-signatures" programSitaram Chamarty2015-01-011-13/+16
* help with 'git push --signed'Sitaram Chamarty2014-12-291-0/+185
* allow gitolite.conf to be tested locally!Sitaram Chamarty2014-09-101-0/+136
* mirroring to arbitrary external servers using arbitrary commandsSitaram Chamarty2014-08-021-0/+172
* (changes caused by doc revamp)Sitaram Chamarty2014-07-141-1/+1
* (experimental) util to upgrade rc file formatSitaram Chamarty2014-06-231-0/+212
* get ldap groupsDamien NOZAY2014-05-071-0/+22
* Add script for querying IPA-based LDAP servers for group membershipRichard Clark2013-09-091-0/+229
* (contrib) user key managementRalf Hemmecke2013-09-082-0/+1179