Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* [gpe-base/gpe-login] Use the new /etc/X11/gpe/Xinit.d path.Angelo Arrifano2009-05-042-10/+75
* [gpe-base/gpe-login] Import for patching.Angelo Arrifano2009-05-0410-0/+187
* [gpe-base/gpe-conf] backport shutdown routine from svn. override GPECONF to k...Ned Ludd2009-04-133-2/+19
* [gpe-base/*] Fix repoman checks for most things. tidy up the depends statements.Ned Ludd2009-03-1741-118/+191
* [gpe-base/gpe-su] update gentoo header to 2009 and tidy up ebuild.Ned Ludd2009-03-162-2/+2
* [gpe-base/gpe-su]Ned Ludd2009-03-163-29/+2
* [gpe-base/gpe-login] Moved to the tree.Angelo Arrifano2009-03-155-60/+0
* Initial import.Angelo Arrifano2009-03-1542-0/+769