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* grs: prettify __init__ argumentsAnthony G. Basile2018-01-281-1/+3
* lint: fix line length.Anthony G. Basile2015-10-071-1/+4
* lint: fix white spacesAnthony G. Basile2015-10-061-2/+1
* Add copyright notice to all files.Anthony G. Basile2015-08-081-0/+16
* grs/RunScript.py: add documentation.Anthony G. Basile2015-07-141-7/+6
* grs/RunScript.py: check if the script exists before trying to unlink it.Anthony G. Basile2015-07-081-1/+4
* grs/RunScript.py: remove .sh from script since either python or bash will do.Anthony G. Basile2015-07-071-2/+2
* Initial commit.Anthony G. Basile2015-06-301-0/+28