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authorMart Raudsepp <leio@gentoo.org>2016-12-07 06:41:46 +0200
committerMart Raudsepp <leio@gentoo.org>2016-12-07 06:41:46 +0200
commit5f3073d21e0748a9414fbd516c3e032d0456ab35 (patch)
parentsync: Increase the sync delta to 1 hour and print the sync count and oldest T... (diff)
sync: Always handle e-mails in lower case to not end up with duplicates
Suggested-by: Doug Freed <dwfreed@mtu.edu>
2 files changed, 15 insertions, 10 deletions
diff --git a/backend/lib/models.py b/backend/lib/models.py
index ba20622..2eb9e8c 100644
--- a/backend/lib/models.py
+++ b/backend/lib/models.py
@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ maintainer_project_membership_rel_table = db.Table('maintainer_project_membershi
class Maintainer(db.Model):
id = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True)
+ # TODO: This has to be unique case insensitive. Currently we have to always force lower() to guarantee this and find the proper maintainer entry; later we might want to use some sort of NOCASE collate rules here to keep the capitalization as preferred per master data
email = db.Column(db.Unicode(50), nullable=False, unique=True)
is_project = db.Column(db.Boolean, nullable=False, server_default='f', default=False)
name = db.Column(db.Unicode(128))
diff --git a/backend/lib/sync.py b/backend/lib/sync.py
index 7ba583d..744811b 100644
--- a/backend/lib/sync.py
+++ b/backend/lib/sync.py
@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ def get_project_data():
proj = {}
for elem in proj_elem:
tag = elem.tag.lower()
- if tag in ['email', 'name', 'url', 'description']:
+ if tag in ['email']:
+ proj[tag] = elem.text.lower()
+ if tag in ['name', 'url', 'description']:
proj[tag] = elem.text
elif tag == 'member':
member = {}
@@ -36,19 +38,20 @@ def get_project_data():
member['is_lead'] = True
for member_elem in elem:
member_tag = member_elem.tag.lower()
- if member_tag in ['email', 'name', 'role']:
+ if member_tag in ['email']:
+ member[member_tag] = member_elem.text.lower()
+ if member_tag in ['name', 'role']:
member[member_tag] = member_elem.text
if 'email' in member:
if 'members' not in proj:
proj['members'] = []
- pass
elif tag == 'subproject':
if 'ref' in elem.attrib:
if 'subprojects' not in proj:
proj['subprojects'] = []
# subprojects will be a list of (subproject_email, inherit-members) tuples where inherit-members is True or False. TODO: Might change if sync code will want it differently
- proj['subprojects'].append((elem.attrib['ref'], True if ('inherit-members' in elem.attrib and elem.attrib['inherit-members'] == '1') else False))
+ proj['subprojects'].append((elem.attrib['ref'].lower(), True if ('inherit-members' in elem.attrib and elem.attrib['inherit-members'] == '1') else False))
print("Invalid <subproject> tag inside project %s - required 'ref' attribute missing" % proj['email'] if 'email' in proj else "<unknown>")
@@ -77,7 +80,7 @@ def sync_projects():
existing_maintainers[email].url = data['url']
print ("Adding project %s" % email)
- new_maintainer = Maintainer(email=data['email'], is_project=True, description=data['description'], name=data['name'], url=data['url'])
+ new_maintainer = Maintainer(email=email, is_project=True, description=data['description'], name=data['name'], url=data['url'])
existing_maintainers[email] = new_maintainer
members = []
@@ -176,16 +179,17 @@ def sync_versions():
if 'email' not in maint:
print("WARNING: Package %s was told to have a maintainer without an e-mail identifier" % package.full_name)
- if maint['email'] in existing_maintainers: # FIXME: Some proxy-maintainers are using mixed case e-mail address, right now we'd be creating duplicates right now if the case is different across different packages
- maintainers.append(existing_maintainers[maint['email']])
+ email = maint['email'].lower()
+ if email in existing_maintainers:
+ maintainers.append(existing_maintainers[email])
is_project = False
if 'type' in maint and maint['type'] == 'project':
is_project = True
- print("Adding %s maintainer %s" % ("project" if is_project else "individual", maint['email']))
- new_maintainer = Maintainer(email=maint['email'], is_project=is_project, name=maint['name'] if 'name' in maint else None)
+ print("Adding %s maintainer %s" % ("project" if is_project else "individual", email))
+ new_maintainer = Maintainer(email=email, is_project=is_project, name=maint['name'] if 'name' in maint else None)
- existing_maintainers[maint['email']] = new_maintainer
+ existing_maintainers[email] = new_maintainer
# Intentionally outside if 'maintainers' in pkg, because if there are no maintainers in JSON, it's falled to maintainer-needed and we need to clean out old maintainer entries