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* frontend: add basic maintainer pageMichael Palimaka2017-07-302-0/+35
* frontend: link from category listing to package pageMichael Palimaka2017-07-301-1/+1
* frontend: add maintainers to navigation barMichael Palimaka2017-07-301-1/+2
* frontend: add maintainer listingMichael Palimaka2017-07-302-0/+59
* frontend: add package pageMichael Palimaka2017-07-302-0/+46
* frontend: add basic category pageMichael Palimaka2017-07-263-3/+35
* Add 404 error handling.Michael Palimaka2017-07-261-0/+16
* frontend: Implement saving of followed maintainers/projects to cookieMart Raudsepp2016-12-191-2/+19
* frontend: move setup to a separate view classMart Raudsepp2016-12-192-4/+5
* frontend: Hide @gentoo.org for developers listing in /setupMart Raudsepp2016-12-181-1/+1
* frontend: List proxy maintainers in a separate table for /setupMart Raudsepp2016-12-181-5/+25
* frontend: Setup Flask-WTF and use it for following maintainer checkboxes displayMart Raudsepp2016-12-052-3/+34
* frontend: Add meta charset=utf-8 head tagMart Raudsepp2016-12-041-1/+2
* frontend: add a /setup/ page for listing existing projects and devsMart Raudsepp2016-12-042-0/+45
* Make the dummy initial web frontend prettyMart Raudsepp2016-11-234-0/+101