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Project Grumpy
@@ -5,7 +6,7 @@ Project Grumpy is a maintainer-oriented set of tools for handling various
developer-related metadata.
- Python-2.5+
- pkgcore
@@ -23,6 +24,29 @@ Database configuration is defined by specifying the RFC-1738 style uri::
+Please not that database configuration is currently hardcoded to use
+PostgreSQL database named 'grumpy' on localhost using 'grumpy:grumpy' as
+credentials. This will be fixed in future ;)
+So the first step you need to do, is to give access to user 'grumpy' using
+password 'grumpy' to database called 'grumpy' on your local machine.
+To setup the app, you need to populate database with proper schema. So fire
+up the python interpreter in the root directory of grumpy project:
+ $ python
+ >>> from grumpy.database import init_db
+ >>> init_db()
+If no errors were shown schema creation was successful :)
+Now, to populate database with portage data, there's an utility inside 'utils'
+directory called 'grumpy_sync.py'. All you have to do for now is to give a
+path to portage directory as first argument:
+ $ python utils/grumpy_sync.py /usr/portage
+And now go and fetch yourself a glass of cold milk because this initial sync
+will take a while.