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We started with the pieworld code from kevquinn's overlay. The PIE and minispecs part hit the tree later on.
With GCC 4.4.0 I was willing to do some code cleanup, use built-in specs and add it as --enable-esp in the
configure command line. On GCC 4.8.0 we use DRIVER_SELF_SPECS for the specs.
+From gcc 4.8.2-r1 it will have -fstack-protector on as default.
Thank you all:
Kevin K. Quinn, Peter S. Mazinger, Natanael Copa, Alexander Gabert, Solar, PaX Team, SpanKY, Xake, Dwokfur,
@@ -15,4 +16,4 @@ KernelOfTruth, SteveL, nixnut, Hopeless, forsaken1, XioXous, obrut<-, mv, qjim,
unk, neuron, alexxy, hellboi64, likewhoa, g0rg0n, costel78, polsas, 7v5w7go9ub0o, uberpinguin, Naib, cilly,
bonsaikitten, kerframil, agaffney, Gordon Malm, blueness, Matthias Klose, Kees Cook, mentor, Anarchy,
devurandom and everyone else for helping to test, suggestions, fixes and anything else we have missed.
-/2013-03-31 Magnus Grenberg (Zorry) <zorry@gentoo.org>
+/2013-12-30 Magnus Grenberg (Zorry) <zorry@gentoo.org>