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+Individual Patch Descriptions:
+Patch: 4420_grsecurity-2.9.1-3.10.0-201307092224.patch
+Desc: hardened-sources base patch from upstream grsecurity
+Patch: 4425_grsec_remove_EI_PAX.patch
+From: Anthony G. Basile <>
+Desc: Remove EI_PAX option and force off
+Patch: 4430_grsec-remove-localversion-grsec.patch
+From: Kerin Millar <>
+Desc: Removes grsecurity's localversion-grsec file
+Patch: 4435_grsec-mute-warnings.patch
+From: Alexander Gabert <>
+ Gordon Malm <>
+Desc: Removes verbose compile warning settings from grsecurity, restores
+ mainline Linux kernel behavior
+Patch: 4440_grsec-remove-protected-paths.patch
+From: Anthony G. Basile <>
+Desc: Removes chmod statements from grsecurity/Makefile
+Patch: 4450_grsec-kconfig-default-gids.patch
+From: Kerin Millar <>
+Desc: Sets sane(r) default GIDs on various grsecurity group-dependent
+ features
+Patch: 4465_selinux-avc_audit-log-curr_ip.patch
+From: Gordon Malm <>
+ Anthony G. Basile <>
+Desc: Configurable option to add src IP address to SELinux log messages
+Patch: 4470_disable-compat_vdso.patch
+From: Gordon Malm <>
+ Kerin Millar <>
+Desc: Disables VDSO_COMPAT operation completely
+Patch: 4475_emutramp_default_on.patch
+From: Anthony G. Basile <>
+Desc: Set PAX_EMUTRAMP default on for libffi, bugs #329499 and #457194