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-This copy of kvm-init-script has a bugfix from the one at
-It also adds printing the vnc port number to the "Starting..."
- message. This makes it easier to know the port # to connect to with
- vnc viewer , etc. Usefull info when you run several vm's at the same time.
-the instructions are quite simple.
- cp kvm-init-script /etc/init.d/kvm
- cp kvm-conf.example /etc/conf.d/kvm.example
-Edit the kvm.example changing mac address, vnc port, etc. as needed.
-You can see I have several OTHER_ARGS= lines pre-defined, so that it is easy to
- switch the boot up options by just commenting/uncommenting the desired line.
- Hmm, this could probably be extended to accept startup options that can select
- which OTHER_ARGS=line to use for the startup.
-Save it to /etc/kvm.instance-name
-create the init script instance with a matching name
- ln -s /etc/init.d/kvm /etc/init.d/kvm.instance-name
-then start it;
- /etc/init.d/kvm.instance-name start
-It also responds to stop, reboot (which sends the vm the reboot signal,
- so it can do a proper shutdown/reboot).
-It can also be added to different run levels using rc-update.