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* kvm-init-script: Fix breakages induced in eb70edb7, up the error checking, ↵Brian Harring2012-04-131-26/+48
| | | | cleanup.
* Properly fix user/group breakage in qtap-manipulate induced in eb70edb7.Brian Harring2012-04-132-23/+82
| | | | | In the process, add a create_specific command. Additionally, update kvm.init to work w/ the new qtap-manipulate options.
* Fix indentation issues induced in eb70edb7.Brian Harring2012-04-131-16/+16
* Fix breakage sanity_check breakage induced in aa49399a.Brian Harring2012-04-131-1/+1
* Minor fixes for residual issuesRichard Yao2012-04-142-5/+6
* Many small changesRichard Yao2012-03-172-60/+115
| | | | | | | | Eliminate bashisms Include missing qtap-manipulate script Make indentation use tabs to match other scripts in Gentoo Eliminate boot=on flag being removed from upstream QEMU Switch from default binary from kvm to qemu-kvm
* initial commit of the init script, a sample config and Readme.Brian Dolbec2012-02-223-0/+161