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parent* qemud/remote.c: rename remoteDispatchAuthPolkitInit to (diff)
Use gnulib, starting with its physmem and getaddrinfo modules.
New files go into these directories: gnulib/lib gnulib/m4 gnulib/tests * bootstrap: A wrapper around gnulib-tool. * Invoke gl_EARLY and gl_INIT, being careful to put gl_EARLY before any macro that uses AC_COMPILE_IFELSE. (AC_OUTPUT): Add lib/Makefile and gl-tests/Makefile. Remove m4/Makefile. * (SUBDIRS): Add gnulib/lib and remove m4. Add gnulib/tests early enough that those tests run before any libvirt unit tests. * m4/ Remove file. Not needed. * src/ (INCLUDES): Add -I$(top_srcdir)/gnulib/lib -I../gnulib/lib. (LDADDS, libvirt_la_LIBADD): Add ../gnulib/lib/ * src/nodeinfo.c: Include "physmem.h". * qemud/qemud.c, src/remote_internal.c: Include "getaddrinfo.h". (MEMINFO_PATH, linuxNodeInfoMemPopulate): Remove definitions. (virNodeInfoPopulate): Use physmem_total, not linuxNodeInfoMemPopulate. * tests/ (INCLUDES): Add -I$(top_srcdir)/gnulib/lib -I../gnulib/lib. (LDADDS): Add ../gnulib/lib/ * qemud/ (libvirtd_LDADD): Add ../gnulib/lib/ * tests/nodeinfotest.c (linuxTestCompareFiles): No longer read total memory from a file. Update expected output not to include "Memory: NNNN" * tests/nodeinfodata/linux-nodeinfo-1.txt: * tests/nodeinfodata/linux-nodeinfo-2.txt: * tests/nodeinfodata/linux-nodeinfo-3.txt: * tests/nodeinfodata/linux-nodeinfo-4.txt: * tests/nodeinfodata/linux-nodeinfo-5.txt: * tests/nodeinfodata/linux-nodeinfo-6.txt: * src/test.c [WITH_TEST]: Remove definition of _GNU_SOURCE that would conflict with the one now in "config.h". * Add -I gnulib/m4. * src/conf.c, src/sexpr.c: Don't define _GNU_SOURCE. Instead, include "config.h". * qemud/qemud.c: Remove definition of _GNU_SOURCE. * src/openvz_driver.c: Likewise. * src/qemu_driver.c: Likewise. * src/remote_internal.c: Likewise. * Use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(build-aux), so that a bunch of gettextize-generated files go into build-aux/, rather than in the top-level directory. * .cvsignore: Adjust. * build-aux/.cvsignore: New file. Author: Jim Meyering <>
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