Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* tests: reduce length of nodeinfodata test namesEric Blake2012-07-20446-0/+0
* nodeinfo: deal with offline cpus in a nodeEric Blake2012-07-1838-0/+213
* test: Add test case for nodeinfotest if host machine doesn't have NUMAPeter Krempa2012-07-1129-0/+128
* test: Add new test case for nodeinfotestPeter Krempa2012-07-1184-0/+538
* nodeinfo: Fix gathering of nodeinfo data structurePeter Krempa2012-07-111-1/+1
* nodeinfo_test: Enhance test data before changing nodeinfo gatheringPeter Krempa2012-07-1151-0/+50
* nodeinfo: test more detailsEric Blake2012-05-164-4/+4
* nodeinfo: Get the correct CPU number on AMD Magny Cours platformOsier Yang2012-05-151-1/+1
* nodeinfo: add some more testsEric Blake2012-05-14219-0/+1769
* Modify the tests/nodeinfotest.c to use sysfs in additionPrerna Saxena2011-12-0842-604/+86
* Get thread and socket information in virsh nodeinfo.Chris Lalancette2010-03-086-6/+6
* remove all trailing blank linesJim Meyering2009-07-165-5/+0
* Use gnulib, starting with its physmem and getaddrinfo modules.Jim Meyering2007-12-056-6/+6
* Split out generic nodeinfo APIDaniel P. Berrange2007-07-2518-0/+655