Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* nwfilter: Add support for ipsetStefan Berger2012-05-211-0/+24
* Add test cases for new ways to access variables in filtersStefan Berger2012-01-113-0/+42
* Add test cases for STP traffic filteringStefan Berger2011-11-221-0/+26
* Add test cases for VLAN traffic filteringStefan Berger2011-11-191-0/+45
* Add test cases for parsing of list valuesStefan Berger2011-11-181-0/+27
* Add test casesStefan Berger2011-11-181-0/+37
* nwfilter: enable filtering of gratuitous ARP packetsStefan Berger2011-05-231-0/+4
* nwfilters: support for TCP flags evaluationStefan Berger2011-04-071-0/+12
* nwfilter: Add test case for testing the state attributeStefan Berger2010-10-072-0/+61
* nwfilter: Add a test case for testing the comment attributeStefan Berger2010-09-301-0/+71
* nwfilter: add XML attribute to control iptables state matchStefan Berger2010-06-171-2/+2
* nwfilter: add support for RAPR protocolStefan Berger2010-04-271-0/+33
* nwfilter: enable hex number inputs in filter XMLStefan Berger2010-04-261-0/+56
* nwfilter: extend schema + add testcase w/ connlimit-aboveStefan Berger2010-04-231-0/+12
* nwfilter: More XML parser test casesStefan Berger2010-04-094-0/+54
* This patch adds a couple of test cases for the XML parsing test suite coverin...Stefan Berger2010-04-0223-0/+490