BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdev-lisp/asdf: Bumps version to 3.3.1Chema Alonso Josa6 days
old-portageAdd old packages from portageStelian Ionescu7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 daysdev-lisp/asdf: Bumps version to 3.3.1HEADmasterChema Alonso Josa2-0/+56
6 daysdev-lisp/uiop: Bumps version to 3.3.1Chema Alonso Josa2-0/+29
8 daysdev-lisp/sbcl: Fix CFLAGS and LINKFLAGS to let users override the default valuesChema Alonso Josa2-8/+14
2017-10-31dev-lisp/uiop: Drops version 3.1.7Chema Alonso Josa2-29/+0
2017-10-31dev-lisp/asdf-3.1.7Chema Alonso Josa2-51/+0
2017-10-31dev-lisp/parse-number: Drops old version 1.5Chema Alonso Josa2-24/+0
2017-10-31dev-lisp/parse-number: Bumps version to 1.7Chema Alonso Josa2-0/+24
2017-10-31dev-lisp/sbcl: Bumps version to 1.4.1Chema Alonso Josa2-0/+243
2017-10-30dev-lisp/alexandria: Updates licenseChema Alonso Josa3-4/+4
2017-10-30dev-lisp/asdf: Adds PDEPEND on virtual/commonlispChema Alonso Josa2-2/+3