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* stop xdm if X11 is not requestedbl2-onlyFernando Orocu2011-03-081-1/+2
| | | | | Xdm is being started very early in the boot sequence, before autoconfig, so we need to stop it if the user doesn't want X11.
* add --visit-items to dialog commandsWilliam Hubbs2011-02-162-15/+15
| | | | | | | this makes the net-setup script much more accessible with speakup. X-Gentoo-Bug: 302381 X-Gentoo-Bug-URL:
* add check to be sure splash is only reset for speakup usersWilliam Hubbs2011-02-161-3/+7
* reset splash to verbose mode for speakup usersWilliam Hubbs2011-02-161-0/+3
* fix udevtrigger callWilliam Hubbs2011-02-161-1/+1
| | | | The udevtrigger program has been replaced with udevadm.
* split out firmware extraction and hwsetupWilliam Hubbs2011-02-153-25/+41
| | | | Firmware extraction and hwsetup are now separate services.
* start gpm-pre before gpm from autoconfigWilliam Hubbs2011-02-132-5/+1
* add a message so we know autoconfig has startedWilliam Hubbs2011-02-131-0/+1
* make gpm-pre executableWilliam Hubbs2011-02-131-0/+0
* move init.d scripts to a common directoryWilliam Hubbs2011-02-135-0/+0
| | | | | We have several init.d scripts, and some of the names clash with other parts of the package, so I have moved them to an init.d directory.
* start xdm from autoconfigWilliam Hubbs2011-02-131-5/+1
| | | | | | We need to start xdm ourselves instead of allowing it to start in the default order. This allows us to not start it when X is not requested by the user or when speakup or brltty is requested.
* load speakup modules in depend functionWilliam Hubbs2011-02-121-5/+7
* adjust fixinittabWilliam Hubbs2011-02-121-2/+4
| | | | | | Fixinittab belongs in the boot runlevel and should start after the root file system is mounted. Also this commit makes fixinittab slightly more verbose.
* fixinittab should start after devWilliam Hubbs2011-02-121-1/+1
* fix typoWilliam Hubbs2011-02-121-1/+1
* load speakup module before espeakup is runWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-5/+5
| | | | | This change will make sure that the speakup module is loaded into memory before espeakup is run in case the user wants to use software speech.
* fix typoWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-1/+0
* update sound and software speech handlingWilliam Hubbs2011-02-112-42/+54
| | | | | migrate unmute code to a separate script. Also migrate the espeakup service to the list_services function.
* fix message for sound cardWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-5/+3
| | | | | The original message used \n for new lines, but einfo doesn't honor these in openrc.
* remove hal supportWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-3/+0
* Revert "fix dependency in fixinittab"William Hubbs2011-02-111-1/+1
| | | | | | | | This reverts commit e138bb5166f3cf0076669e9b1e2a6049d8c6e593. Fixinittab can be started in sysinit, with "before dev" as part of the dependencies, the way I had it set up before. procfs does not mount /proc.
* fix dependency in fixinittabWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-1/+1
| | | | | fixinittab should go in the boot runlevel, not sysinit, and it should run after procfs.
* add fixinittab serviceWilliam Hubbs2011-02-112-93/+100
| | | | | | This is a port of the fix_inittab function from baselayout-1's version of the livecd-tools. In openrc it is set up as a service which should be added to the sysinit runlevel.
* migrate most services to the list_services functionWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-19/+3
* Ensure /lib/firmware exists before we try to extract into it.Robin H. Johnson2011-02-111-0/+1
* Document authorship.Robin H. Johnson2011-02-111-6/+12
* more openrc related fixesWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-12/+23
| | | | | | - make sure hardware services are not running before we start them. - convert some tests to use yesno instead of comparisons to "yes" or "no".
* fix typoWilliam Hubbs2011-02-111-1/+1
* use "rc-service -i" to test for and start servicesWilliam Hubbs2011-02-101-13/+10
| | | | | With openrc, we can use "rc-service -i foo start" to test for the existance of service foo and start it if it does exist.
* use rc-service to check for existanceWilliam Hubbs2011-02-101-1/+1
* Coldplug and hotplug are in list_services.Robin H. Johnson2011-02-111-6/+3
* migrate yes/no tests to use if yesnoWilliam Hubbs2011-02-101-18/+17
* check_svc should use yesno and rc-serviceWilliam Hubbs2011-02-101-3/+3
* Migrate BRLTTY to depend block, another good example for simple calls.Robin H. Johnson2011-02-101-4/+2
* Hook up list_services to depend need call.Robin H. Johnson2011-02-101-1/+32
* Add conversion of GPM as first example for BL2 work.Robin H. Johnson2011-02-102-21/+39
* Unmute Speaker control (for Gentoo bug #292437)Andrew Gaffney2009-12-262-0/+6
* Remove x-setup and mkxf86config stuff since they're not needed with modern ↵Andrew Gaffney2009-12-264-73/+6
| | | | xorg-server (for Gentoo bug #289946)
* Use /etc/.noxdm intead of /etc/init.d/.noxdm for Gentoo bug #286308Andrew Gaffney2009-12-262-2/+5
* Fixing my email address, since all my new work has been outside Gentoo's ↵Chris Gianelloni2009-07-071-2/+2
| | | | sphere of influence.
* My pedantic self could not help but capitalize Gentoo. Blame Andrew.Chris Gianelloni2009-07-071-2/+2
* Adding an AUTHORS file. I have no idea if this thing is correct. I will ↵Chris Gianelloni2009-07-072-0/+32
| | | | have to dig through the history to make sure. At any rate, it is better to give some credit, even if it is not perfect.
* Clean up the header.Chris Gianelloni2009-07-071-2/+3
* Apply patch for speakup support from gentoo bug #267708Andrew Gaffney2009-06-282-1/+35
* Apply patch from jer for gentoo bug #249155Andrew Gaffney2008-11-282-15/+18
* export HOME=/root for bug 235068agaffney2008-08-212-0/+4
* Added some more notes to TODO and add a ChangeLog entry for Andrew's latest ↵Chris Gianelloni2008-07-282-4/+11
| | | | changes.
* fix passwd= support for gentoo bug #230968agaffney2008-07-241-1/+1
* Initial commit after creating the git repository.Chris Gianelloni2008-07-241-0/+8
* Change nohotplug/dohotplug to nocoldplug/docoldplug to match's ↵Chris Gianelloni2008-05-171-16/+11
| | | | | | checks. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 7bf51bff-881f-0410-a643-fba68b97345e