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-.\" This -*- nroff -*- file has been generated from
-.\" DocBook SGML with docbook-to-man on Debian GNU/Linux.
-...\" transcript compatibility for postscript use.
-...\" synopsis: .P! <>
-...\" P!
-.fl \" force out current output buffer
-...\" the following is from Ken Flowers -- it prevents dictionary overflows
-\\!/tempdict 200 dict def tempdict begin
-.fl \" prolog cat \\$1\" bring in postscript file
-...\" the following line matches the tempdict above
-\\!end % tempdict %
-.sp \\$2u \" move below the image
-.. pF \\*(f1 .ds f1 \\n(.f
-.el .ie \\*(f2 .ds f2 \\n(.f
-.el .ie \\*(f3 .ds f3 \\n(.f
-.el .ie \\*(f4 .ds f4 \\n(.f
-.el .tm ? font overflow
-.ft \\$1
-.. fP !\\*(f4 \{\
-. ft \\*(f4
-. ds f4\"
-' br \}
-.el .ie !\\*(f3 \{\
-. ft \\*(f3
-. ds f3\"
-' br \}
-.el .ie !\\*(f2 \{\
-. ft \\*(f2
-. ds f2\"
-' br \}
-.el .ie !\\*(f1 \{\
-. ft \\*(f1
-. ds f1\"
-' br \}
-.el .tm ? font underflow
-.ds f1\"
-.ds f2\"
-.ds f3\"
-.ds f4\"
-'\" t
-.ta 8n 16n 24n 32n 40n 48n 56n 64n 72n
-locale-gen \(em generates localisation files from templates
-This manual page documents briefly the
-\fBlocale-gen\fP command.
-By default, the locale package which provides the base support for
-localisation of libc-based programs does not contain usable localisation
-files for every supported language. This limitation has became necessary
-because of the substantial size of such files and the large number of
-languages supported by libc. As a result, Debian uses a special
-mechanism where we prepare the actual localisation files on the target
-host and distribute only the templates for them.
-\fBlocale-gen\fP is a program that reads the file
-\fB/etc/locale.gen\fP and invokes
-\fBlocaledef\fP for the chosen localisation profiles.
-Run \fBlocale-gen\fP after you have modified the \fB/etc/locale.gen\fP file.
-The main configuration file, which has a simple format: every
-line that is not empty and does not begin with a # is treated as a
-locale definition that is to be built.
-.BR localedef (1),
+.TH "locale-gen" "8" "Aug 2007" "Gentoo"
+locale\-gen \- generate locales on the fly
+The locale\-gen utility is used to manage locales on your system. Often times
+it merely generates a user configurable list of locales, but it can be used to
+generate a few locales on the fly as needed.
+Normally all locales would be generated at build time, but this leads to waste
+of disk and time as many users really just want a handful on their system.
+\fB\-a\fR, \fB\-\-ask\fR
+Ask before generating each locale
+\fB\-A\fR, \fB\-\-all\fR
+Generate all possible locales
+\fB\-c\fR, \fB\-\-config\fR \fI<config>\fR
+Use specified \fIconfig\fR file rather than default /etc/locale.gen
+\fB\-d\fR, \fB\-\-destdir\fR \fI<dir>\fR
+Look for locale definitions and store generated locale data in the specified
+\fB\-G\fR, \fB\-\-generate\fR \fI<locale>\fR
+Only generate the specified \fIlocale\fR (implies \-\-keep)
+\fB\-h\fR, \fB\-\-help\fR
+Show the help output (imagine that)
+\fB\-j\fR, \fB\-\-jobs\fR \fI<num>\fR
+Generate the specified \fInumber\fR of locales in parallel
+\fB\-k\fR, \fB\-\-keep\fR
+Keep all existing locales even if they are not in the config file
+\fB\-l\fR, \fB\-\-list\fR
+List all the locales that we think should exist according to the config
+\fB\-q\fR, \fB\-\-quiet\fR
+Only spit out errors
+\fB\-u\fR, \fB\-\-update\fR
+Only generate locales that do not already exist (normally existing locales are regenerated)
+\fB\-V\fR, \fB\-\-version\fR
+Report the program version
+To pass custom options directly to the \fBlocaledef\fR utility, end the
+\fBlocale\-gen\fR option list with \-\- and then everything after that will be
+passed on through unmolested (the options \-c \-\-no\-archive are passed by
+Mike Frysinger <>
+Please report bugs via
+\fB/etc/locale.gen\fR \- locale list
.BR locale (1),
-.BR locale.gen (5).
-This manual page was written by Eduard Bloch <> for
-the \fBDebian GNU/Linux\fP system (but may be used by others). Permission is
-granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under
-the terms of the GNU Free Documentation
-License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free
-Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover
-Texts and no Back-Cover Texts.
-...\" created by instant / docbook-to-man, Sat 02 Mar 2002, 16:43
+.BR localedef (1),
+.BR locale (5),
+.BR locale.gen (5),
+.BR locale (7)