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* ltsp-docs: version bump to 20121001Wim Muskee2012-10-023-3/+8
* Update lots of metada.xml, ldminfod stable for x86 and amd64.Wim Muskee2012-08-292-6/+8
* ltsp-docs: version bump to 20120610Wim Muskee2012-06-113-3/+8
* ltsp-docs: version bump to 20120531Wim Muskee2012-06-023-3/+8
* ltsp-docs: version bump to 20120227Wim Muskee2012-02-293-5/+10
* ltsp-docs: Version bump to 20111210.Wim Muskee2011-12-123-3/+8
* ltsp-docs: Version bump to 20111209.Wim Muskee2011-12-103-3/+8
* ltsp-docs: Version bump to 20111111, stable for amd64, sparc and x86.Wim Muskee2011-11-134-45/+9
* ltsp-docs: Version bump to 20111017.Wim Muskee2011-10-183-3/+8
* ltsp-docs: Dep on docbook-xml-dtd:4.5, adding ~sparc.Wim Muskee2011-09-245-46/+16
* metadata: Added bugs-to for ltsp packages.Wim Muskee2011-04-172-0/+9
* ltsp-docs: Version bump to 20110318.Wim Muskee2011-03-193-6/+51
* ltsp-docs: Initial import.Wim Muskee2010-12-266-0/+123