BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwww-client/firefox: Update nss dep for next beta releaseJory A. Pratt34 hours
tb57tbird: add 57_beta1 for testingIan Stakenvicius7 months
eclass-removalfixed same typo in mozsupport.eclassIan Stakenvicius10 months
crossdevadded nss.m4 patch and thunderbird-38.5.0 for crossdev testingIan Stakenvicius2 years
axs_seamonkeyseamonkey: bumped to latest beta/pre releasesLars Wendler4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
34 hourswww-client/firefox: Update nss dep for next beta releaseHEADmasterJory A. Pratt1-1/+1
48 hourswww-client/firefox: Fix llvm/clang detection for build, bug #658402Jory A. Pratt3-96/+108
3 daysprofile/package.use.mask: mask system-cairo useflag on torbrowserJory A. Pratt1-0/+1
3 dayswww-client/torbrowser: Initial ebuild for torbrowserJory A. Pratt7-0/+463
3 dayseclass: add support for torbrowserJory A. Pratt2-1/+5
4 dayswww-client/firefox: Version bump beta14, adjust mozcoreconf-v6 to onlyJory A. Pratt3-93/+93
7 daysx11-plugins/enigmail: Version bump for security reasons, bug 657986Jory A. Pratt2-20/+1
8 dayswww-client/firefox: version bump 61.0_beta13Jory A. Pratt2-92/+92
10 dayswww-client/firefox: Version bump 61.0_beta12Jory A. Pratt2-92/+92
2018-06-06dev-libs/nss: Version bump, includes fix for bug #655636Jory A. Pratt2-2/+1