Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* bumped sys-libs/db:4.7 to latest ~ (4.7.25_p4)Alexander Huemer2009-06-232-0/+100
* added the abi-wrapper and its neccessary changesFlorian Fischer2009-06-203-2/+6
* synced dev-libs/nspr with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-05-053-11/+13
* synced dev-libs/nspr with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-192-4/+4
* added latest unstable dev-libs/nss, dev-libs/nsprAlexander Huemer2009-04-162-0/+95
* By default copy the entire source directory when building multilibSteven J Newbury2009-04-142-3/+1
* dev-libs/nspr: need to cd into build directory for compile phaseSteven J Newbury2009-04-082-1/+2
* dev-libs/nspr needs to use make directlySteven J Newbury2009-04-082-1/+5
* Fix nspr and nss ebuilds: prepare phase needs to be multilib, and useSteven J Newbury2009-04-082-6/+8
* nspr: fix typo in pkg_postrmThomas Kuther2009-03-262-2/+2
* rename multilib-xlibs.eclass to multilib-native.eclassThomas Kuther2009-03-252-5/+5
* better solution for nss and nspr env.d filesThomas Kuther2009-03-252-2/+2
* add nss, nspr, sqlite (for google chrome ;)), update atkThomas Kuther2009-03-256-0/+261