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* Synchronise cmake-eutils.eclass with portageSteven J Newbury2009-06-211-10/+17
* added EAPI2 compatible gst-plugins-base.eclassFlorian Fischer2009-06-201-0/+137
* added the abi-wrapper and its neccessary changesFlorian Fischer2009-06-201-56/+6
* allow restoring of environment in pgk_{pre,post}instFlorian Fischer2009-06-111-1/+1
* fixed an issue with cmake builds in eclass/multilib-native.eclassFlorian Fischer2009-06-011-0/+8
* fixed vim syntax highlighting in multilib-native.eclass. thanks zeq for the i...Alexander Huemer2009-05-311-1/+1
* bumped dev-lang/python:2.6 to latest ~ (2.6.2-r1), corrected dev-lang/python:...Alexander Huemer2009-05-291-1/+1
* Restore inherits, place before inheriting multilib eclassSteven J Newbury2009-05-251-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of J Newbury2009-05-241-21/+71
| * Sync cmake-utils.eclass with main tree versionThomas Sachau2009-05-211-21/+71
* | Drop a couple of inherits to prevent "illegal inherit" errorSteven J Newbury2009-05-241-1/+1
* Fix illegal inheritsSteven J Newbury2009-05-091-1/+1
* Re-sync qt4-build.eclassSteven J Newbury2009-04-291-14/+19
* Make mysql hack conditional and improve comments.Steven J Newbury2009-04-291-3/+9
* Fix mysql build. This isn't the ideal fix; that would be handlingSteven J Newbury2009-04-291-2/+8
* If this isn't a multilib profile, there's no need (and quiteSteven J Newbury2009-04-291-2/+2
* Add check for SETARCH_ARCHSteven J Newbury2009-04-281-0/+1
* The Python distutils.eclass needs to run the python binary for each ABISteven J Newbury2009-04-281-0/+216
* Fixed script error in multilib-native.eclass (the problem with qt builds is h...codestation2009-04-241-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of Huemer2009-04-241-3/+2
| * Fix sandbox violation from java-utils-2.eclass when gcj-jdk isn'tSteven J Newbury2009-04-241-3/+2
* | corrected some KEYWORDS of ebuilds imported from other overlays. small mod of...Alexander Huemer2009-04-241-1/+1
* Turns out making some of the env vars conditional was a bad ideaSteven J Newbury2009-04-231-12/+8
* Remove extra einfo's added to aid debuggingSteven J Newbury2009-04-231-2/+1
* Apparently CMAKE build support has been broken for a while!Steven J Newbury2009-04-231-5/+7
* More MULTILIB_DEBUG cleanupsSteven J Newbury2009-04-231-5/+8
* Append abi_CDEFINE to predefined CDEFINE.Steven J Newbury2009-04-231-2/+2
* I'd missed the multilib CDEFINE setup. Add it.Steven J Newbury2009-04-231-0/+1
* Handle libgnutls-extra-config-*Steven J Newbury2009-04-231-1/+2
* Be more selective about saving some env varsSteven J Newbury2009-04-231-6/+9
* Reduce multilib_debug outputSteven J Newbury2009-04-231-14/+0
* When appending CFLAGS to FCFLAGS and FFLAGS there's no need to thenSteven J Newbury2009-04-221-2/+2
* Add ${CFLAGS} to FFLAGS and FCFLAGSSteven J Newbury2009-04-221-2/+2
* Remove redundant setting of toolchain env varsSteven J Newbury2009-04-221-6/+0
* Factorize envioronment saving, and drop array declarations since theySteven J Newbury2009-04-221-116/+28
* Fixup function/variable headers and make function naming more consistentSteven J Newbury2009-04-221-123/+155
* Cut down the noise when emerging java pkgsSteven J Newbury2009-04-221-4/+4
* Some env vars were missed in restore function with earlier update.Steven J Newbury2009-04-211-1/+4
* Multilib gcj-jdk support, also a modified toolchain.eclassSteven J Newbury2009-04-214-0/+6236
* Drop flag-o-matic inherit, it's no longer needed.Steven J Newbury2009-04-211-1/+1
* Use profile information for FLAGS etc and make the array index dynamic.Steven J Newbury2009-04-211-127/+121
* fixed typosFlorian Fischer2009-04-201-3/+3
* added a abi-wrapper scriptFlorian Fischer2009-04-191-0/+11
* Replace changes missed in MULTILIB_IN_SOURCE_BUILD toSteven J Newbury2009-04-151-2/+2
* Revert "Restore documentation copying hack.Steven J Newbury2009-04-151-38/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of J Newbury2009-04-151-3/+3
| * Add -L/usr/lib32 to LDFLAGS again, fix multilib_debug lineThomas Sachau2009-04-141-3/+3
* | By default copy the entire source directory when building multilibSteven J Newbury2009-04-141-8/+10
* Restore good parts of previous reversionSteven J Newbury2009-04-131-17/+18
* Revert "General cleanup: renamed a few objects, avoided using grep where"Steven J Newbury2009-04-131-101/+98