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* media-plugins/live: Import changes from revision 1.1 through 1.4 from gentoo-...Nathan Phillip Brink2012-03-242-16/+16
* media-plugins/live: Bump to live-2012.01.07 following gentoo-x86, thanks Tomm...Nathan Phillip Brink2012-01-132-0/+142
* Fix patch lineThomas Sachau2012-01-012-2/+2
* Add missing ebuildThomas Sachau2012-01-011-0/+120
* Sync media-plugins/live with main treeThomas Sachau2012-01-011-20/+2
* media-plugins/live: Import a fork of media-plugins/live with patches from bug...Nathan Phillip Brink2011-12-2512-0/+619