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* media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit: Doctor up the metadata.xml to point to...Nathan Phillip Brink2012-10-142-16/+19
* media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit: Add media-sound/jack-audio-connection-...Nathan Phillip Brink2012-10-146-0/+194
* Drop media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kitThomas Sachau2009-08-153-93/+0
* Drop media-sound/phononThomas Sachau2009-08-013-160/+0
* Drop media-sound/pulseaudioThomas Sachau2009-07-1913-799/+0
* Drop media-sound/wavpackThomas Sachau2009-07-194-87/+0
* Drop media-sound/lameThomas Sachau2009-07-197-501/+0
* Drop media-sound/gsmThomas Sachau2009-07-197-355/+0
* Drop media-sound/esoundThomas Sachau2009-07-1915-796/+0
* synced media-sound/lame with portage treeFlorian Fischer2009-07-0410-1047/+4
* synced media-sound/pulseaudio with portage treeFlorian Fischer2009-07-043-201/+3
* Update manifestSteven J Newbury2009-06-251-0/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of J Newbury2009-06-251-2/+0
| * pulseaudio : fix Manifestnigoro2009-06-251-2/+0
* | Synchronise with portageSteven J Newbury2009-06-252-0/+351
* Synchronise with portageSteven J Newbury2009-06-231-0/+2
* synced media-sound/pulseaudio with portage treeFlorian Fischer2009-06-2010-763/+48
* added the abi-wrapper and its neccessary changesFlorian Fischer2009-06-202-1/+3
* synced media-sound/wavpack with portage treeFlorian Fischer2009-06-164-175/+3
* synced media-sound/phonon with portage treeFlorian Fischer2009-06-164-61/+3
* media-sound/jack-audio-connection-kit : Add support for ppc64 architecture.nigoro2009-06-132-2/+2
* synced media-sound/lame with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-06-014-428/+4
* Add media-sound/wavpackSteven J Newbury2009-05-316-0/+259
* bumped media-sound/lame to latest ~ (3.98.2-r1)Alexander Huemer2009-05-043-0/+174
* media-sound/pulseaudio: add missing lib32 usedep on sys-auth/policykitSteven J Newbury2009-04-303-4/+4
* Add missing parenthesisSteven J Newbury2009-04-292-3/+3
* Restore optional dependency on net-wireless/bluez-4. I really shouldSteven J Newbury2009-04-282-3/+5
* synced media-sound/pulseaudio with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-252-25/+24
* Sync media-sound/pulseaudioSteven J Newbury2009-04-212-2/+2
* synced media-sound/phonon with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-192-3/+3
* By default copy the entire source directory when building multilibSteven J Newbury2009-04-142-3/+1
* synced media-sound/phonon with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-082-3/+3
* synced media-sound/lame with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-082-7/+6
* media-sound/lame has an optional dependency on gtk-1* add it to RDEPENDSteven J Newbury2009-04-074-21/+21
* media-sound/gsm needs MULTILIB_IN_SOURCE_BUILDSteven J Newbury2009-04-072-1/+3
* Add support libraries for media-libs/xine-lib, not all are tested yet...Steven J Newbury2009-04-0722-0/+2150
* Add lib32? USE depsSteven J Newbury2009-04-062-9/+9
* Add media-sound/phononSteven J Newbury2009-04-065-0/+218
* Add media-sound/pulseaudio, the ~amd64 ebuild has the dependencies setSteven J Newbury2009-04-0116-0/+1358
* New ebuild: media-sound/esoundSteven J Newbury2009-03-3115-0/+794
* rename multilib-xlibs.eclass to multilib-native.eclassThomas Kuther2009-03-252-4/+4
* install 32bit binaries for jack-audio-connection-kit. Sometimes it's useful (...Thomas Kuther2009-03-252-1/+7
* soundlibs: pt2: the mighty jack-audio-connection-kitThomas Kuther2009-03-163-0/+87