Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* bumped net-dns/libidn to latest ~ (1.15)Alexander Huemer2009-06-102-0/+86
* synced net-dns/libidn with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-06-0111-783/+7
* bumped net-dns/libidn to latest ~ (1.14)Alexander Huemer2009-05-042-0/+86
* New net-dns/avahi versionSteven J Newbury2009-04-292-0/+222
* net-dns/libidn: fix multilib javadoc installSteven J Newbury2009-04-192-3/+3
* Update to latest version of libidnThomas Sachau2009-04-142-0/+86
* synced net-dns/avahi with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-082-8/+6
* New ebuild: net-dns/avahiSteven J Newbury2009-03-3119-0/+1472
* Update ManifestsSteven J Newbury2009-03-301-3/+3
* Remove uneeded lib32 in IUSE, thanks VlooeSteven J Newbury2009-03-303-3/+3
* New ebuild: net-dns/c-ares, optionally used by curlSteven J Newbury2009-03-306-0/+312
* net-dns/libidn: Work around dojavadoc failure with multilibSteven J Newbury2009-03-302-2/+3
* rename multilib-xlibs.eclass to multilib-native.eclassThomas Kuther2009-03-256-20/+20
* updated net-dns/libidn to EAPI="2"Florian Fischer2009-03-216-10/+25
* added MULTILIB_SPLITTREE="yes"Florian Fischer2009-03-156-10/+15
* added media-libs/libmng media-libs/libpng net-dns/libidnAlexander Huemer2009-03-1010-0/+768