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* Add latest googleearth beta, only seems to work with bundled qt libsThomas Sachau2011-02-062-0/+162
* Add latest version, which does not crash with system qt libsThomas Sachau2010-09-052-0/+144
* Update googleearth usedepsThomas Sachau2010-09-042-27/+25
* Sync googleearth with main treeThomas Sachau2010-06-161-0/+2
* Sync googleearthThomas Sachau2010-06-082-18/+26
* Fix ManifestThomas Sachau2010-05-161-1/+0
* Add files dirThomas Sachau2010-05-161-0/+10
* Move googleearth to new category and update to latest version with unbundled ...Thomas Sachau2010-05-164-0/+439