Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* bumped sys-libs/db:4.7 to latest ~ (4.7.25_p4)Alexander Huemer2009-06-232-0/+151
* syced sys-libs/db with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-06-015-1362/+3
* synced sys-libs/db with main treeFlorian Fischer2009-04-252-3/+3
* By default copy the entire source directory when building multilibSteven J Newbury2009-04-145-12/+4
* Sync sys-libs/dbSteven J Newbury2009-04-1223-2/+790
* Update sys-libs/db: Use MULTILIB_IN_SOURCE_BUILD, convertSteven J Newbury2009-04-084-8/+13
* rename multilib-xlibs.eclass to multilib-native.eclassThomas Kuther2009-03-254-12/+12
* lib32 sys-libs/db needs to depend on lib32 dev-lang/tcl when tcl USE flag is setSteven J Newbury2009-03-254-9/+9
* Merge branch 'master' of Fischer2009-03-222-0/+167
| * updated db:4.6 to 4.6.21_p4, and the glib ManifestAlexander Huemer2009-03-212-0/+167
* | updated sys-libs/db to EAPI="2"Florian Fischer2009-03-213-42/+38
* some cleanupsFlorian Fischer2009-03-152-2/+2
* Initial port of sys-libs/db to multilibcodestation2009-03-1011-0/+1720