Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* removed inherit multili-native and added IUSE="lib32"Florian Fischer2009-06-013-8/+4
* added virtual/libusb due to new dep of halFlorian Fischer2009-06-013-0/+40
* Add virtual/glut to pass through lib32 USE flagSteven J Newbury2009-04-034-0/+48
* Add dev-db/mysql and virtual/mysqlSteven J Newbury2009-04-037-0/+117
* Pass lib32 USE dependency through virtual/openglSteven J Newbury2009-03-304-0/+74
* virtual/glu needs to pass through lib32 in order to complete dependencySteven J Newbury2009-03-304-0/+65