BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersys-auth/polkit - sync changes from tree for systemdJory A. Pratt7 days
rustdev-python/numpy: in tree version worksAnthony G. Basile3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 dayssys-auth/polkit - sync changes from tree for systemdHEADmasterJory A. Pratt1-0/+143
9 daysmedia-libs/mesa - address bug #670052 with upstream patch to disable tlsJory A. Pratt2-0/+52
13 dayssys-apps/sysvinit: remove older versionsAnthony G. Basile6-312/+47
13 dayssys-apps/sysvinit: 2.93 stable for x86Anthony G. Basile1-1/+1
13 dayssys-apps/sysvinit: bump to 2.93 and 2.94Anthony G. Basile3-0/+268
14 daysmedia-libs/libdc1394: initial commitAnthony G. Basile5-0/+95
2019-02-28sys-apps/groff: remove unused patchesAnthony G. Basile2-107/+0
2019-02-28sys-apps/groff: signbit support is assumed when crossbuilt.Necktwi Ozfguah7-0/+294
2019-02-26sys-apps/sandbox: bump to 2.14Anthony G. Basile2-0/+83
2019-02-26sys-apps/sandbox: drop to just musl arches and fix white spaceAnthony G. Basile1-4/+4