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* 72-Makefile.patch -> 74-Makefile.patchalpineSascha Lucas2012-02-203-3/+82
* updated manifestSascha Lucas2012-02-131-1/+1
* changed chappa-URL in elog...Sascha Lucas2012-02-131-1/+1
* fixed bug #267918Sascha Lucas2012-02-132-4/+4
* bumped topal(74); added files missing in previous commitSascha Lucas2012-02-134-10/+201
* fixed bugs #374405 and 391387Sascha Lucas2012-02-131-10/+3
* synced topal with main portage treeSascha Lucas2012-02-134-12/+31
* sync with main portage treeSascha Lucas2012-02-134-12/+36
* rev bump alpine with chappa patch VERSION=73Sascha Lucas2010-09-072-0/+143
* sync with main portage treeSascha Lucas2010-09-0713-37/+609
* changed my mail-addressSascha Lucas2010-09-062-2/+2
* Add updates from gentooTorsten Veller2009-04-263-9/+12
* Sync with gentoo-x86Torsten Veller2009-04-244-4/+25
* Sync with gentoo-x86Torsten Veller2009-04-244-6/+50
* Add alternatives for metamail and dos2unixTorsten Veller2009-04-232-4/+3
* Add dos2unix dependencyTorsten Veller2009-04-232-2/+3
* LDFLAGS passed to topal linkingTorsten Veller2009-04-222-8/+9
* Fix typo. Remove prebuilt mime-toolTorsten Veller2009-04-172-3/+4
* Move mail-client/topal -> net-mail/topal.Torsten Veller2009-04-159-53/+161
* Fix as-needed failureTorsten Veller2009-04-043-13/+23
* updated to CHAPPA_PL="26"Sascha Lucas2009-04-042-3/+3
* Merge branch 'alpine' of git+ssh:// ...Sascha Lucas2008-12-222-11/+11
| * Die more oftenTorsten Veller2008-12-182-11/+11
* | temporary fixed --as-neededSascha Lucas2008-12-222-12/+17
* introduced $CHAPPA_PLSascha Lucas2008-12-072-5/+14
* removed $RESTRICTSascha Lucas2008-11-182-2/+1
* fixed the alpine ebuild as suggested by toveSascha Lucas2008-11-162-60/+59
* added mail-client/topal and alpine/metadata.xmlSascha Lucas2008-11-163-0/+43
* Revert "added mail-client/topal; fixed various issues with"Sascha Lucas2008-11-163-43/+0
* added mail-client/topal; fixed various issues withSascha Lucas2008-11-163-0/+43
* initial import of alpine-2.00Sascha Lucas2008-11-142-0/+139
* Start with a repo_nameHEADmasterTorsten Veller2008-10-201-0/+1