Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* migrate to gitv1.0Mike Frysinger2015-03-021-1/+0
* fix possible memory read errors when walking arraysMike Frysinger2014-03-201-2/+6
* update copyright yearsMike Frysinger2012-11-041-4/+4
* allow people to search for multiple libraries (-N) or data sections (-k)Mike Frysinger2011-09-271-1/+41
* make sure we initialize new string memoryMike Frysinger2010-02-131-3/+7
* use %zu for size_t instead of casting to random long typesMike Frysinger2010-02-131-4/+4
* dont need strndup code anymoreMike Frysinger2009-12-031-27/+1
* allow xstrcat to start off with a NULL destinationMike Frysinger2009-12-011-2/+2
* c&p errorFabian Groffen2009-01-311-2/+2
* For bug #249731, add an xstrndup wrapper, and implement strndup on hosts that...Fabian Groffen2009-01-311-1/+27
* drop local func decls as we already include xfuncs.h and get themMike Frysinger2008-12-301-7/+1
* declare xzalloc()Mike Frysinger2008-12-301-1/+7
* add missing split xfuncs filesv0.1.16Mike Frysinger2007-08-251-0/+62