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* ebuild-env-vars.tex: Fix a referenceHEADmasterakater2021-06-201-1/+1
* Drop comma after "i.e." throughout, for consistencyUlrich Müller2021-06-172-4/+4
* Merge branch 'eapi-8'eapi-8-approved-2021-06-13Ulrich Müller2021-06-1317-439/+753
| * Cheat sheet: EAPI 8 approval dateUlrich Müller2021-06-131-1/+1
| * Cheat sheet: Update for EAPI 8Ulrich Müller2021-06-051-1/+61
| * Cheat sheet: Remove EAPI 5 to make room for EAPI 8Ulrich Müller2021-06-051-70/+70
| * Cheat sheet: Fix cross referencesUlrich Müller2021-06-051-2/+2
| * EAPI 8 removes .7z, .rar, .lha unpack supportMichał Górny2021-06-052-7/+24
| * EAPI 8: usev has an optional second argumentUlrich Müller2021-06-052-9/+18
| * EAPI 8: insopts and exeopts affect only doins and doexeUlrich Müller2021-06-052-12/+60
| * EAPI 8 has dosym -rUlrich Müller2021-06-052-3/+40
| * Split the econf options table because it has become too wideUlrich Müller2021-06-051-10/+15
| * EAPI 8: econf adds --disable-staticUlrich Müller2021-06-052-8/+14
| * EAPI 8 has econf passing --datarootdirMichał Górny2021-06-052-7/+13
| * EAPI 8: useq, hasv and hasq are bannedUlrich Müller2021-06-052-0/+27
| * EAPI 8 accumulates PROPERTIES and RESTRICT across eclassesUlrich Müller2021-06-052-5/+26
| * EAPI 8: Default src_prepare doesn't accept options in PATCHESUlrich Müller2021-06-052-4/+20
| * Rearrange listings of phase functionsUlrich Müller2021-06-052-92/+82
| * EAPI 8 has an empty working directory in pkg_* phasesUlrich Müller2021-06-052-5/+25
| * EAPI 8 has install-time dependencies (IDEPEND)Michał Górny2021-06-056-15/+32
| * EAPI 8 has selective URI restrictionsMichał Górny2021-06-052-5/+17
| * Ban nameref variables from exported and default scopeUlrich Müller2021-06-051-0/+2
| * EAPI 8: Bash version is 5.0Ulrich Müller2021-06-052-2/+4
| * EAPI 8 has less strict naming rules in the updates directoryUlrich Müller2021-06-052-5/+25
| * Relicense from CC-BY-SA-3.0 to CC-BY-SA-4.0Ulrich Müller2021-06-052-4/+5
| * eapis.tex: Merge redundant descriptionsUlrich Müller2021-06-051-17/+4
| * EAPI feature table: Consolidate EAPIs 0 to 4Ulrich Müller2021-06-051-98/+93
| * Add an EAPI 8 identical to EAPI 7Ulrich Müller2021-06-0514-214/+230
* Recognise "test_network" as token in PROPERTIESUlrich Müller2021-05-231-0/+2
* Clarify that updates files are processed in no particular orderUlrich Müller2021-05-231-0/+3
* pms.cls: Specify \raggedbottom also in twoside modeUlrich Müller2021-05-231-0/+4
* Fix bad page breaks before listsUlrich Müller2021-05-219-12/+19
* pms.cls: Require version 1 of parskip.styUlrich Müller2021-05-181-1/+1
* pms.cls: Do not define \e for \emphUlrich Müller2021-04-3010-14/+13
* pms.tex: Update copyright yearsUlrich Müller2021-04-301-1/+1
* pms.cls: Reinstate TeX4ht/hyperref workaroundUlrich Müller2021-04-301-14/+26
* ebuild-env-vars.tex: Clarify wording for profile IUSE injectionUlrich Müller2021-04-151-7/+4
* pms.cls: Silence hyperref messagesUlrich Müller2021-01-161-0/+4
* Revert "pms.cls: Remove some tex4ht conditionals."Ulrich Müller2020-09-281-2/+2
* ebuild-vars.tex: Allow other tokens in PROPERTIES.Ulrich Müller2020-09-211-1/+1
* pms.tex: Fix an \includepdf warning in DVI mode.Ulrich Müller2020-09-211-2/+1
* pms.cls: Change line length to reflect what is actually used.Ulrich Müller2020-09-211-2/+2
* pms.cls: Remove some tex4ht conditionals.Ulrich Müller2020-09-211-2/+3
* glossary: The term "slave repository" is not used anywhere else.Ulrich Müller2020-07-141-4/+4
* Cheat sheet: Update ESYSROOT, following PMS.Ulrich Müller2020-07-071-2/+2
* ebuild-functions.tex: Phase functions can write to temporary dirs.Ulrich Müller2020-07-051-5/+6
* Revert "pms.cls: Another workaround for tex4ht."Ulrich Müller2020-06-291-2/+0
* Correct the definition of ESYSROOT as EPREFIX isn't always applicableJames Le Cuirot2020-06-282-4/+18
* pms.cls: Drop the caption package because it interferes with TeX4ht.Ulrich Müller2020-06-241-39/+28
* Makefile: Remove workaround for list of tables.Ulrich Müller2020-06-151-4/+0