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dependencies: policy on 4-style USE deps
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if the package installed by the user still links to libfoo.
+.. index::
+ pair: USE flags; dependency
+USE dependencies
+on packages without the flag
+:Source: QA (inferred from PMS)
+:Reported: by pkgcheck
+Whenever a package uses a 2-style USE-dependency on another package,
+all package versions matching the dependency must have the flag
+in question. If the dependency matches at least one version missing
+the flag, either 4-style USE-dependency (i.e. having ``(-)`` or ``(+)``
+indicator) must be used, or the restriction must be refined to match
+only versions having the flag.
+ # BAD: USE=gtk2 is not supported by v2
+ dev-foo/libfrobnicate[gtk2]
+ # GOOD: all matching versions have USE=tools
+ <dev-foo/libfrobnicate-2[gtk2]
+ # GOOD: indicate the default
+ dev-foo/libfrobnicate[gtk2(-)]
+ # BAD: USE=tools is no longer needed with v2
+ dev-foo/libbar[tools]
+ # GOOD: indicate the default
+ dev-foo/libbar[tools(+)]
+*Rationale*: according to the PMS section on `2-style and 4-style USE
+dependencies`_, it is an error to apply 2-style USE dependency to
+a package missing the flag. Furthermore, checking for this makes it
+possible to report whenever USE flags on a package are changed without
+updating its reverse dependencies.
.. _GLEP 62:
.. _Paludis:
+.. _2-style and 4-style USE dependencies: