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USE=multislot policy
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+Other metadata variables
+.. index:: SLOT; dynamic
+.. index:: USE flags; multislot
+Dynamic slots (multislot flag)
+:Source: QA (inferred from PMS)
+:Reported: ``use`` in global scope triggers fatal error
+The use of ``multislot`` to alter ``SLOT`` values (as well as any other
+USE-dependent slot values) in the Gentoo repository is forbidden.
+Such a feature can be used in overlays, and it is acceptable to provide
+such support in eclasses as long as it is not used in ::gentoo.
+This policy has been explicitly declared in response to historical
+(pre-2016) use of ``USE=multislot`` in toolchain ebuilds. When the flag
+was disabled, all package versions used the same slot, and upgrades were
+handled as for non-slotted packages. When the flag was enabled, each
+version used a separate slot, permitting multiple versions being
+installed simultaneously. This allowed the user to choose between
+the two options.
+The original violation has been resolved by unconditionally slotting
+the packages. This permitted the users to install multiple versions
+in parallel, while removal of old versions was to be handled via
+``emerge --depclean``.
+*Rationale*: this feature was in direct violation of PMS `metadata
+invariance`_ requirements. It caused the cached slot value to depend
+on the state of querying the USE flag (which in turn could technically
+depend on slot, via ``package.use``). This caused undefined package
+manager behavior which could include use of unpredictable slot, cache
+invalidation or explicit errors.
+.. _metadata invariance: